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Implementing AI Expectations vs Reality

💡 Having a good understanding of how to build AI into business is crucial to unlocking the benefits. The way we demonstrate value, along with satisfying our ever increasing need for privacy, security, governance and ethics are vital to enable AI adoption. We all just want a shiny tool right? 😎

Adopting AI in Insurance - AI Consultants

At we specialise in the end-to-end cycle of depolying AI solutions in Insurance.

  1. Understanding your needs, constraints and outcomes

  2. Finding and providing Solutions as well as expert advice

  3. working alongside you and your teams to deliver incremental value and navigate the regulatory and compliance aspects in your industry

  4. Share knowledge and lift capability of your teams to sustain the technology or if you prefer for 1stForData to manage it

  5. Invested in your success and adoption and ultimately benefitting from the investment.

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