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Business Intelligence Strategy Services

We'll provide end-to-end assistance with developing, deploying, and maintaining your Business Intelligence (BI) strategy.


Our Consultants have comprehensive understanding of BI in the insurance industry. Every business is in different stages of maturity, and our team will work with you to customize a solution that best suits your business.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Assessment and readiness Audit

We do a collaborative end-to-end view of your business services and take the time to fully understand your goals and objectives and provide detailed findings and insights.

BI Services Strategy

We help your company set its strategic goals and BI implementation roadmap. With a principles led framework and outcomes based on industry best practice.

BI Implementation

We provide delivery implementation expertise, working alongside your existing team or independently. Agile Data and Scaled Agile Data methodologies and governance is adopted. 

Book an introductory call to learn more about my consulting options. These projects typically range from $5,000-$15,000 for Audit and Strategy. Implementation costs typically run on fortnightly blocks of time. *USD

What are BI Strategy Services

Business Intelligence is quite simply the process of taking your data and managing it in a way that you can do reporting and insights on to understand the what, and the why something is happening.


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