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your all-in-one
AI Studio 

A secure Generative AI workbench for your day-to-day operations. Augmented intelligence makes your work simple.

Day-to-Day expert assistants made simple

Prompt Simple technology

Professional outputs, curated for insurance.

Content Creation

Create marketing, business, and company outputs.


Analysis of data, documents and images to generate insights and opportunities.

Enterprise Grade

Uses secure Cloud technology to integrate with your environment.


Export to Email, Twitter and more

Reporting and Logging

Reports on the use, and outputs.

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Book a demo for Enterprise AI Workbench to augment your teams tasks. Send us a message :

Generative AI for Insurance

Prompt Simple

We simplified the experience of prompting to get what you need

Document and Images

Ask your documents questions, and provide outputs

Custom and Flexible

Host with us or on you servers for true private AI.

AI Optimised for Insurance images - eg: Flooded home


AI Analyse Images - Flooded home Loss Adjuster report


AI Policy Wording - Summarise and provide content


AI for your team - Create, Analyse, Summarise, Describe!

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