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Welcome to 1stForData,

We offer a range of consulting services and help businesses to understand the opportunities, and navigate the implementation of AI in insurance business.

We specialize in tech for Insurance and in the last two decades, I've helped small, medium and large scale business deliver solutions in Data, CRM, Advanced Analytics, AI and Agile Data projects.

Having implemented data driven automation using data and AI models, I can guide you to achieving the efficiency you require.

I'm passionate about productivity and cost effective solutions. I have a variety of tools and resources where I share my tutorials and guides. To keep up to date with me, you can follow me on Youtube.


Tyrone Dugmore

Bringing over two decades of international expertise in Data and Information Systems, I've navigated the intricacies of the Insurance/Finance sector with a dash of excitement from ventures into Sports and Healthcare domains.


I'm not just about the serious stuff - I thrive on making data not only insightful but also enjoyable. My knack for cutting-edge technologies and strategic thinking doesn't just stop at business decisions; I'm all about crafting cost-effective solutions that make every problem an opportunity.

Having a deep understanding of the nuances of the insurance industry and associated verticals, has allowed me to tailor and specialize in solutions that is unique to insurance. Having a broad toolkit  ensures you get technical sound and commercial success.


Let's not forget the fun - because a seasoned professional can be both deeply experienced and a joy to work with. Ready to bring my hands-on know-how to elevate your journey in AI, Business Intelligence, and beyond!

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Tyrone Dugmore Data and AI consultant for strategic, and delivery of solutions in Data and AI

What is an AI Consultant? An AI consultant is someone who has delivered and implementd AI in the real world. We help navigate the path you, your team and business go on to integrate Artificial Intelligence into operations. The responsibilities of an AI consultant include developing approaches to utilise AI-driven solutions, that meet a business goal or enhance a pain point.

How can an AI Insurance Consultant help? AI Consultants like me love keeping up with the technology and trends, where you focus on your business. AI consultants offer practical steps and insights to business leveraging AI developments for ultimate benefit. As seasoned professionals that have delivered AI we specialise in developing and implementing tailored AI strategies aligned with a business's specific needs and objectives, we guide business towards achieving their goals while comploying with risk, governance and information security best practices.

Examples please? Data rich enviroments like Insurance offer a number of interactions across a client lifecycle, that are repeatable, process driven and managed. These datapoints are great for targeting personalisation services, automation and even warning about potential defection and retention.

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