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GenAI Training Courses

Discover and build the capability in harnessing the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)  through our practical AI training courses for businesses. Equip your team with the right knowledge to leverage genAI and unlock endless possibilities for your organization. Browse the self-learning training video courses below. For more customized and virtual training see our custom training...


Custom Virtual Training

We also provide virtual classroom training, with one of our instructors. These sessions, are tailored to specific use cases and are prepared bespoke for you. The range of products includes Vertex AI and Generative AI tools.

Our Courses

Introductory Generative AI

*Contact for Price*

The course is a practical guide and offers an introduction on the business use cases and practical examples of how AI can be applied, choose ChatGPT or Google Bard. 


- 60 minutes

- Course material and use cases

-Up to 4 people

AI Art

*Contact for Price*

A practical guide to setup and use Generative AI image tools - Midjourney -

- Setup of tooling

- Prompting, environments and use cases

- Up to 4 people

 Content Creator

*Contact for Price*

Training on getting the most out of generative AI tools full-cycle of content, images and animation and video. Choose chatGPT or Google Bard. MidJourney , inVideo

- Course material and prompts

Limited AI Consulting and training packages available

*All Prices in USD, subject to change and availability.


Training package includes:

  • A virtual training session with an experienced AI practitioner and business consultant 

  • Hands on lab experience

  • Take away course material to get you started 

  • Knowledge of the risks and safety measures for your business and employees

  • Ongoing access to training videos on new features through via our online channels 

  • Free subscription to our resource content

How is this different to your Youtube videos?

My YouTube videos are very ‘lite’ and cover quick features. Think of them as the teaser trailer before you watch the feature film. The course is tailored to be business specific, and offers a step-by-step process of how to set up and rollout AI to your team. It also has privacy, security and governance aspects which my Youtube content doesn't cover.


The program also gets you access to ME!

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