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We simplify the adoption of AI.

We will help you understand where AI technology fits into your business to streamline your operations.

Our mission is to educate, inform and make AI accessible for all insurance entities to carry out their operations efficiently and better serve their customers with what matters.

Our services cover everything from workshops to strategy development and implementation and optimization. We offer support and training that enables your digital strategy for the long term.

We offer a range of consulting from: AI solutions, including chatbots, machine learning, automated decision intelligence and the awesome generative AI tools.

Benefits of using 1stForData AI Consultants

We help Insurance companies, brokers and intermediaries develop and implement their AI Digital strategy.  We provide expertise to get your insurance business ready for using and thriving with human-in-the-loop AI solutions. 

Additional benefits 

  • Deep experience in Insurance 

  • We identify where AI and Operational efficiencies can be made

  • We navigate the privacy, ethics, security and regulatory/compliance process

  • We provide commercially viable solutions that suit your needs

  • We stay on top of the AI trends and features 

  • We partner in your success in adopting AI for insurance

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Revolutionize Your Data Experience


Free Blueprint to Adopt AI

Download our "IMPLEMENT: AI BLUEPRINT". Learn how to implement AI!


"Tyrone has a extremely engaging and enthusiastic can-do attitude. You want him on your team!"




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