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How to Adopt and convince your business to use AI

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Implementing Private Enterprise AI for Insurance with Google Cloud and Vertex AI

Introduction to Enterprise AI Solutions

In the world of AI, enterprises, especially in the financial and insurance sectors, seek solutions that not only offer advanced capabilities but also ensure stringent privacy and security. Google Cloud and Vertex AI emerge as robust options, providing enterprise-grade solutions that meet these requirements.

Why your Company is slow to adopt or use AI?

Companies are dilligent when procuring software, new technologies and understandably looking to ensure the tech does not cause more harm than good. Questions like "Do we have people to manage this", "What if it gives the wrong answer, and we provde that to clients?", "I don't fully understand the costs and long term plans", "I need to understand the use cases and where the gains can be made, before I invest".

Why Choose Google Cloud and Vertex AI?

Google Cloud is renowned for its reliability, scalability, and compliance with rigorous security standards, making it ideal for sensitive sectors like government and financial services. Vertex AI, Google's machine learning platform, allows for the training and deployment of ML models, enabling the customization of large language models for AI-powered applications. This integration with Google Cloud's wide range of applications enhances the business value of AI.

Use Cases for AI in Insurance

  1. Generative AI: This involves using large language models for tasks like content creation in sales and marketing, customer service enhancements, and internal knowledge base development.

  2. Custom AI: Useful in more binary scenarios like policy and underwriting, claims processing, and fraud detection where a Yes/No/Escalate is preferred.

Implementing Vertex AI

The implementation process begins with signing up for Google Cloud Platform, which offers a free credit to get started. The platform provides a user-friendly interface to create and deploy AI models.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Sign Up: Register for Google Cloud Platform and receive free credits.

  2. Access Vertex AI: Navigate to Vertex AI in the Google Cloud console.

  3. Create a Model: Use the Generative AI Studio in Vertex AI to create a language model.

  4. Customize and Test: Input your company data and test the model's responses.

  5. Save and Implement: Save your model and plan for its implementation in your organization.

Practical Example: Creating a Company Chatbot

The video demonstrates creating a company chatbot using Vertex AI. By inputting company-specific data, the model can accurately respond to queries about the company, showcasing the ease and effectiveness of implementing AI in business operations.

Next Steps

Google Cloud and Vertex AI offer a comprehensive, secure, and efficient platform for enterprises to adopt AI. If you require more information or want to chat - book a free consultation on what we can do for you at

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