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Implementing AI in Corporate or Enterprise, Lessons learned.

Updated: Jan 23

Are you excited to get AI and Gen AI in your business, but met with hurdles and approvals at every turn? 🚫

If you are, then you are not alone. When I was tasked with getting AI and personalized streaming implemented in a large insurance company, I had a mammoth task of implementing AI for the first time, and it seemed that at every step of the way there was a new roadblock.

💡 Top 10 things I learnt - Comment if you have any others that are worth sharing!

☢ 1. There is a mental block on the word “AI”- change the word to “augmented intelligence” or “advanced analytics”.

ℹ 2. There is an overwhelming fear of personal information being used and loaded up – learn what data is actually needed for a model *hint you don’t need peoples names or contact details.

🔨 3. A Software tool is just that, a tool - Consider the long term investment and ongoing support and skills capabilities

📽 4. Getting Models in production is by far the most challenging thing - Know how to navigate tech, business, and the risk adverse

😧 5. Your delivery team is going to get despondent - Knowing what to do and how to motivate is key to operational AI.

📐 6. Project management is going to run to a clock and budget - Make sure you are involved in planning, AI is not a typical software/data project

🥧 7. AI is only one small part of the pie- Look out for changes to people, process and software.

🔏 8. Architecture, Privacy, Security and Ethics are areas not to be underestimated - Learn the technical and business process and become an expert in navigating these all of these areas very quickly.

👨‍🏫 9. Explaining how an AI model works to business is hard - Learn how to simplify it, I spent years learning how to distill it in 60 seconds.

💻 10. Monitoring and maintaining the accuracy and Return on Investment - Yes, you need to confirm if it meets the expected outcomes.

I have spent the best years of my life navigating these - why not book a free chat to talk about how I can guide you?

Here is a video I created on some of the adoption challenges with a demo of Vertex AI :

For a some free adoption material Download the blueprint here:

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