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Prompt Engineering - Basic to Advanced that will get more from your Gen AI

Prompting : Use your natural language to get answers to problems you have:

How to think about what a Gen AI chatbot is:

Firstly, lets think of the chatBots as virtual assistants, experts that are very cost effective, and don't have the needs of physical people. Treat the chatBot like an "employee", who you hired for a specific task. eg: a marketing, data, or content assistant. You gain the advantage of having the assistants domain knowledge to do a task. Once the task is done, you need to check your assistant followed the instruction. This is simply what prompt engineering is, explain what you want your assistant to do, and let them execute, and review what they produce.

Why is it global and so compelling? Well it is the prompt, simply use your own language…


Some things to be aware of with prompts and the outputs:

  • Always check outputs

  • Be aware of hallucinations - these are outputs that on the surface look believable but are not grounded on fact, or are non-sensical (see below prompt)

  • Can you explain the outputs

How to write effective prompts for Generative AI (text):

General standards for good prompt structure:

  1. Be clear and concise: Make your prompts easy to understand

  2. Be specific: Ask for the type of response you want

  3. Avoid unclear language: Must not be open to interpretation

  4. Try frame up one thought at a time: multiple questions or requests should be in individual prompts

  5. Use grammar and punctuation: helps provide more accurate responses

  6. Try different things: If the output is not satisfactory, re-phrase or choose style


  1. Describe the role you want AI to take – eg: consultant, marketer, coder, journalist, agent, college level, etc.

  2. Ask yourself:

  3. Explain the context of the question

  4. Provide details about the audience, place, and intention of the result

  5. What is the problem you want to solve

Always review the results, make sure to read all generated text for misleading or incorrect outputs.

Typical areas used for AI content creation

  1. Idea generation & Brainstorming

  2. Content Creation 

  3. Content Optimization

  4. Plans and Strategy

Prompt examples using the standards and the tips to get more out of the prompts you write:

Where you see [Plant Company], replace with your business or domain of interest, the role of the assistant.

Brainstorming Prompt:

You are a content marketer at a [Plant Company]. Make a list of videos about [plant care], The audience consists of adults who have questions about plants. Each item should consist of a title that is less than 70 characters and description less than 100 words.

Content Creation:

Facebook: Generate 5 Facebook posts to promote [plant food] to woman between ages of 25-40.

Content Creation:

Twitter(X): Create an engaging and detailed twitter thread on the importance of plant care. Make sure to include relevant hash tags. Make the tone upbeat, with a style of David Attenborough


You are an email newsletter marketer at a [plant care] startup named [Plantageous]. Write 5 persuasive email campaign messages about our new [plant food], [GrowMaximus]. The target audience is women over 40 years old. Here is some information on the product – it smells great, sealed container and offer free shipping.


You are a content marketer at a [Plant Company] named [Plantageous]. Write an 800 word blog post about best practices on [caring for plants]. The target audience is women over 40 years old. Include the sections: -Introduction-Choosing plant care -Choosing the right plant

Content Creation:

Video: You are a content marketer at a [Plant Company] named [Plantageous]. Write an outline for a 45-second video about a new plant feed product. The target audience is women over 40 years old. Include the script for the video, and a description of an image content for the video. Style of David Attenborough

Optimisation: You are a content optimisation specialist, improve the product description with high-volume, low difficulty keywords for SEO-optimization. [Paste your text]


You are a strategic consultant, that can help me devise a plan to go from startup to small enterprise in 2 years, for a plant food business called plantageous. I have 1 product called [Grow Maximus]. Include other products in the plan

Some additional prompting techniques to expand on the outputs or fine tune. Ask the assistant to:

  1. Expand on [points a,b]

  2. Outline tasks on [a,b,c]

  3. Use the Eisenhower matrix to determine high priority tasks

  4. Advanced scientific methods

For a video on using prompts have a look at:

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