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Enterprise Data and AI solutions vs Single-Point Technology Solutions

🤝 A great mentor, many years ago always said - I want ONE system or solution to run the operations. So I did just that, built one Insurance ecosystem that covered everything in the Insurance lifecycle. It was so successful, it was sold as a SaaS solution to major insurance clients, I bolted on multiple value add services in the same stack and it made life easier... compared to the chaos I have seen out there!

⏳ Fast forward - I can now see why, having every part of the process in a different technology or software has led to the biggest headaches for the cost management, users, developers, and the teams using it. You end up creating overhead and extra expenses where the solution was trying to optimise in one area, you now have issues in another...Sound familiar? In the end a beautifully complex mess that someone gets to manage.

📅 So how does this apply to Data, AI and business - well profoundly so. Single-point technology solutions are designed to solve a specific problem or task. They are often standalone applications that do not integrate with other systems.

This can lead to several challenges for enterprises, including

💲 Increased costs of integration: If an enterprise needs to use multiple single-point solutions to address different problems, it can be expensive to integrate these solutions with each other.

👥 Maintenance and skills: Each single-point solution requires its own maintenance and support. This can lead to increased costs and the need for specialized skills within the enterprise.

👖 Limited functionality: Single-point solutions are typically designed to solve a specific problem. This means that they may not be able to provide the full range of functionality that an enterprise needs.

While single-point technology solutions can be useful for solving specific problems, they can also create challenges for enterprises. Enterprises should carefully consider the costs and benefits of single-point solutions before implementing them. In many cases, it may be more cost-effective and efficient to implement a more comprehensive solution that can address a wider range of problems.

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