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AI meet BI: A Recipe for Success

Updated: Apr 8

AI initiatives can be daunting, especially when the concept of AI itself remains elusive. Many stumble at the starting line, unsure of where to begin or how to harness its potential.

This uncertainty stems from a lack of clarity about what AI truly is. Its hyped nature can paralyze organizations, leaving them hesitant to make the first move. I found time and time again, the use of AI is not understood, the use case is far too lofty.

To kickstart your AI journey, consider leveraging familiar Business Intelligence (BI) KPIs, such as efficiency metrics, revenue generation, and cost savings. These tangible benefits provide a concrete foundation from which to build your AI proofs of concept (POCs).

Remember, the role of AI is to free up your business time to focus on the lofty goals and ground breaking new initiatives. Not the other way around. If you are looking for Exec AI that is real world focused, I highly recommend checking out: Exec AI workshops

Core Steps:

Examine Your Processes:

Identify areas where automation, optimization, or prediction would enhance efficiency.

Delve into AI Software:

Understand the fundamentals of AI, its various applications, and its limitations. Ideally a highly experienced data, programmer, and statistical person with a business brain, that can cut through the hype and engineer the solution to the problems.

Connect to Strategic Goals:

Align your AI initiatives with your organization's strategic objectives to ensure relevance and alignment.

Take Action:

Avoid excessive research and analysis paralysis. Experiment with small-scale POCs to gather insights and build confidence.

Starting an AI initiative is not as intimidating as it may seem. By using familiar Business Intelligence KPIs as a starting point, organizations can gradually embrace AI with confidence. Remember, action is paramount. Embrace the "recipe" approach and transform your business through the transformative power of AI.

Next steps: Reach out to for more information if you are looking for real Exec AI understanding.

Some typical questions:

What is AI, and why do organizations find it daunting?

Answer: AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, and organizations often find it daunting due to its elusive nature and the hype surrounding it. Many are unsure of where to begin or how to harness its potential, leading to paralysis and hesitancy.

How can organizations overcome the uncertainty surrounding AI?

Answer: Organizations can overcome uncertainty by starting with familiar Business Intelligence (BI) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as efficiency metrics, revenue generation, and cost savings. These tangible benefits provide a concrete foundation for building AI proofs of concept (POCs).

Why is it important to align AI initiatives with strategic goals?

Answer: Aligning AI initiatives with strategic goals ensures relevance and alignment with the organization's overall objectives. This helps prioritize AI projects and ensures that they contribute meaningfully to the organization's success.

What are some core steps to kickstart an AI initiative?

Answer: Core steps include examining existing processes to identify areas for automation, optimization, or prediction, understanding the fundamentals of AI and its applications, aligning initiatives with strategic goals, and taking action through small-scale POCs to gather insights and build confidence.

How can organizations avoid getting overwhelmed by AI initiatives?

Answer: Organizations can avoid getting overwhelmed by embracing the "recipe" approach, which involves starting with small-scale POCs and gradually expanding AI adoption based on the results. This helps in avoiding excessive research and analysis paralysis.

What expertise is required to effectively implement AI solutions?

Answer: Ideally, organizations should have individuals with expertise in data analysis, programming, statistics, and business understanding to effectively implement AI solutions. These individuals can cut through the hype and engineer solutions to real-world problems.

Where can I find more information about AI initiatives with a focus on real-world understanding?

Answer: You can find more information by reaching out to professionals in the industry, and how they are using it and where they are using it.

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