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AI Maturity Curve: Curve to strive for or try for

Is your organization looking ahead on the AI horizon, are you following a strategic path to adopting AI?

Having a play with technology is great, however too often the playing becomes cemented in and process built around it. Organizations need to keep an eye on where the AI technology is heading, or else it becomes a headache down the road.

The stages we found in our research and working with customers, has led to a number of characteristics and the goals of each stage that help you lay down the foundations for the next.

  1. Stage 1: Ad Hoc Exploration

  • Characteristics: Limited AI initiatives, sporadic experiments.

  • Focus: Initial awareness and experimentation with AI technologies.

  • Goals: Understanding the potential of AI, identifying basic use cases.

  1. Stage 2: Tactical Deployment

  • Characteristics: Tactical deployment of AI in specific business functions.

  • Focus: Targeted applications to address specific challenges.

  • Goals: Achieving tangible results, building expertise in selected areas.

  1. Stage 3: Strategic Integration

  • Characteristics: Systematic integration of AI into core business processes.

  • Focus: Alignment of AI initiatives with broader business strategies.

  • Goals: Enhancing efficiency, improving decision-making, and gaining a competitive advantage.

  1. Stage 4: Enterprise-wide Transformation

  • Characteristics: Holistic organization-wide adoption of AI.

  • Focus: AI becomes an integral part of the organizational culture and operations.

  • Goals: Transformational impact on business models, innovation, and customer experiences.

  1. Stage 5: AI-Centric Ecosystem

  • Characteristics: AI is deeply embedded in the organizational DNA.

  • Focus: Continuous innovation, leveraging AI to drive ongoing transformation.

  • Goals: Staying at the forefront of AI advancements, adapting to emerging technologies, and maintaining a leadership position in the industry.

The AI maturity curve serves as a strategic guide for businesses to understand their current state, set realistic goals, and plan the necessary steps to advance through the stages. It reflects the organization's journey from initial curiosity and experimentation to fully harnessing the transformative power of AI for sustainable growth and competitiveness.

The AI maturity curve is a conceptual model that we build with our customers. Contact us at to enquire about our consulting services.

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